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Fumagalli’s product line ranges from 13” up to 24.5” diameter of steel wheels that are distributed among different product concept solutions such as:

  • Bead Seat
  • Claddings
  • Drop Center
  • Dual
  • Integrated wheels
  • Super Spoke with High Vent Areas

Style, Resistance and Functions

Fumagalli steel wheels present a wide range of attractive styles and sizes, highly stylized, basic or mini-spare wheels – for light, medium and heavy vehicles.

Studies show that 40% of a vehicle appeal is at the wheels.  Besides, those researches also demonstrate that the visual aspect of the wheel is the most meaningful factor for the consumer, and not the raw material of which the wheel is made.  Since Fumagalli prioritizes design and style, its steel wheels also represent an attractive and low cost alternative to replace aluminum alloy wheels.  The “Chromium Plated Cladding –Integrated Wheel” has great market acceptance due to its endurance, refined finishing and impeccable visual aspect.  One other wheel concept that is becoming more and more popular in the market is the “Super Spoke” technology wheel, with high vent area, which provides style flexibility and ventilation for the brakes.

On the other hand, a nice look is not all in a wheel.  High resistance is mandatory, and steel provides the required durability, while generating meaningful cost savings to the vehicle, with a style that matches that of alloy wheels.

The Advantage of Steel

Market surveys and independent case studies show that customers perceive stylized steel wheels as follows:

      • Steel wheels are safer, more resistant and more durable;
      • Steel wheels are more resistant to corrosion at the tire contact area.
      • Steel wheels are more reliable when traveling on risky roads.
      • They are an alternative to aluminum.
      • They have a high cost benefit compared to aluminum wheels.

Product Pictures and Illustrations:

Bead Seat
The Bead Seat  wheel concept provides an excellent option for vehicles with larger brakes and which also require a differentiated design. This concept may be used either with a central cap or with a full cap.  The disk is attached to the rim at the the tire seat.

Cladding – This is a strategic replacement for chromium plating – a more effective cost solution, better than full wheel chromium plating.  A wide variety of clad technologies can be used – from stainless steel to plastics.

Drop Center Product Family - Styled Drop Center Wheel
The Drop Center wheel concept is the most common wheel concept found in the market, presenting flexibility in options of painting, caps and clads.  This is a simple concept that translates into great added value to the customer.  Excellent designs can be created through the use of this concept.

The Dual wheel is the solution for vehicles with high load requirement such as pick-up trucks and heavy commercial vehicles.  This concept has a Drop Center type of fixation with a spinning operation at the disk profile.

Integrated wheels provide an excellent solution for vehicles with enlarged brake systems, and they are also very flexible as far as style is concerned. Fumagalli has the patent and uses a unique manufacturing process for the production of this wheel concept.

SuperSpoke with High Ventilation Area
Fumagalli  is proud of providing the Super Spoke wheel concept, which characteristics translate into high ventilation areas, excellent style flexibility and space for large brakes.  This solution can also be used with the clad concept. Fumagalli has the patent and uses a unique manufacturing process for the production of this wheel concept.
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